Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Productive Wednesday

This morning we got up early, had coffee and breakfast, then headed over to the nursery to pick up some herbs to plant in our backyard.  We have a really nice nursery in walking distance to the house called It's About Thyme.  They have lots of great stuff.  We picked up one rosemary and two basil.  They are going to go in the spot that had the toxic vinca flowers in it.  
 Here is Avery playing before my first attempt at getting her down for a morning nap.  She was very serious about reading her book!
 We decided to repaint our front door today.  We got all the paint and supplies two months ago but never had the chance to work on it.  It is being painted a chocolate brown color.  Eric painted the first coat on the door.

 While Eric started the door, I was giving Avery her lunch.  She must have been starving.  She ate an entire container of mixed veggies, an entire container of pears, a huge handful of shredded cheddar cheese and like 30 cherry puffs.  She made a huge mess.  I let Rolo lick her off and the floor around her high chair!
 I painted the second coat of the door and also did the touch ups.
 I love how it looks!  I'm glad we got that project finished.
 We also finally hung the picture I had printed and the iron art work I bought about two months ago.  It has just been sitting on the floor next to our entertainment center collecting dust.  The wall our TV is against is a huge wall, so it was hard to figure out what to hang in that space.  I think it looks pretty nice.  It took Eric awhile to measure and hang everything.
 The basil and rosemary are all planted in the backyard.  I'm excited to have fresh herbs to go and pick when we need it for cooking!  We can't use any of it for four weeks.
 This rosemary is going to get pretty big.  I had no idea they needed so much space and people actually plant them to use as shrubs.  I love rosemary potatoes!
 I snapped a picture of the big brown hanging out in his yard.
 I attempted to get Avery down around 7pm for bedtime.  She just cried, so she came back out to the living room for awhile to play.  She is being a royal stinker about going to sleep lately.  I'm ready for this phase to end, whatever it is.
I'm ready to have a late dinner and get a shower.  It has been a busy and productive day.  Hope you have a great night!

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  1. You guys are so productive these days! Makes me feel like a lazy bum. :) The door looks great.