Sunday, June 5, 2011

Even though the dog hair drives me nuts...

I freaking love my dog.  Seriously.  Rolo Brown is such a wonderful family member.  He was my first four legged baby.  We adopted him from Heart of Texas Lab Rescue on Memorial Day weekend 2007.  We still lived in our tiny one bedroom apartment.  I was worried it wouldn't be enough space to have a big dog.  I was so wrong.  He didn't need any space.  He just wanted to be next to one of us all the time!  He is always at your feet or laying beside you while you while watching a movie.  
 He is so smart.  We had him snake trained with rattlers and copperheads.  I trust he would warn me if there was one close by.  I know how he would react if he got close to one.  The trainer that worked with him said he was one of the smartest dogs he ever worked with.
 I love that he is very social and loves kids.  He is extra gentle even when super excited meeting new kids.  He loves that they are right at licking height!
 For a lab, he doesn't like fetching the ball and isn't a fan of the water.  He is just special like that!  He loves to go on long walks and runs, and be chased in the back yard by Eric.  He would rather wade in the water than jump in.
 Sometimes when Eric is working, I let Rolo sleep in the bed with me.  We are very neat about it.  I always put out a brown throw blanket before he knows to jump in the bed.  He will stay on that brown blanket all night.  We have white bedding so this is the only way he is allowed to come up.
 This black toy is called a Kong and Rolo LOVES when we fill it with treats, peanut butter or hard boiled eggs!
Rolo won this bed when we lived in our apartment.  He won a contest for best doggie on the block!  I was so excited when I saw the bed and colors because it matches our master bedroom colors!

Rolo is just plain awesome.  Eric and I are so thankful that Heart of Texas Lab Rescue found him, rescued him, got him healthy, and let us adopt him.  We love our lab rescue family.  We wish we could foster dogs again and do more volunteering, but things have become harder taking care of a baby.  Avery just LOVES Rolo.  She always wants to touch him and gets a huge smile when he walks over.  He is her big brother.

Just wanted to give my chocolate boy a shout out post.  Love you bean!

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