Tuesday, September 6, 2011

assistant brew master Avery

Today was pretty low key around our house.  Avery and I spent the morning hanging out... her playing and me cruising my computer while sipping my coffee.  When we woke up this morning it was a cool 59 degrees out.  It was really exciting.  Too bad those temperatures aren't around to stay since we'll have triple digit weather again in a week.
After Avery took her morning cat nap of 40 minutes, we all decided to go on a little walk around the neighborhood.  When we got back, Eric started kegging his beers so they will be all ready for Avery's birthday party at the end of the month.  Here are all the lovely kegs.
Avery is assistant brew master and couldn't help but give the keg a hug and kiss.
I picked out a new recipe for dinner tonight.  We had Skillet Chicken Stroganoff.  I got it out of my new Kraft Food and Family magazine.  It is my favorite cooking magazine.  All the recipes I've tried from it have always been super easy and taste great.  Since Eric was already in the kitchen cleaning up after kegging his beers, he also worked on getting dinner ready while I fed Avery and got her a bath.  Recipe to follow.
Avery roaring at the camera.  I seriously have one loud kid.  She is sporting another new footed pajama tonight. She seemed a little upset when she was watching Eric get ready to leave for work tonight.  She kept crawling around whimpering and wanting him to hold her.  She loves her daddy so much.  He plays rough with her and she loves it.
The Austin area is still battling fires today.  There has been so much damage done to land and homes.  Thousands have been evacuated.  Please continue to keep the Austin area families, firefighters, paramedics, and police in your thoughts and prayers.  And PLEASE send us some rain!!!!  We so badly need it right now to help end all of these fires starting.  Here is a great photo that has been circling the news sites of our beautiful skyline with the fire and smoke around it.  It is very scary.
Hope everyone had a great day and has a wonderful night!


  1. woohooo... look at that sexy man in a uniform! ;-)I made some chicken tortilla soup today. I'm starving!!