Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Eric/Daddy!

Yesterday was Eric's birthday!  Since he has to work all weekend, we are going to celebrate his birthday and Father's Day on Monday.  Eric is going to pick a place of his choice to go for some beers and good food.  I'm sure we'll end up at either Black Star, Uncle Billy's, or Flying Saucer.  Those are all favorites!  Avery and I also ordered him a little surprise, but it will be coming in the mail this week. 

In the morning after Avery napped, the two of us headed over to Costco.  We really needed some wipes and formula.  After we picked those items up, I had to go and browse the clothing section.  I picked up a cute sun suit and two one piece pajamas for Avery.  Both great deals.  I love Costco!  Avery did so well sitting in the shopping cart like a big girl.  She enjoyed herself. 
Here are the cute things I picked up for Avery.  The pajamas where $7 a piece and the sun suit was $5.  All are 18 month size. 
I got my order of picture prints in the mail yesterday!  I was so excited.  I put a bunch up on the new bulletin board in the study.  I have extra pictures that I am going to use in Avery's room once I get my customized bulletin board/bow holder from Jenny.  She makes awesome crafts: bow holders, bows, dresses, diaper bags, etc. 
Before Eric went to work last night, we sat out back for a little while.  It was so hot.  Avery had on her cute beach t-shirt that my parents sent her from North Carolina.  I miss going to the beach so much. 
Eric:  I know having to work on your birthday just sucks.  Avery and I love you very much and are looking forward to having a nice day on Monday!

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