Thursday, June 16, 2011

Past couple of days

 The past few days have been really busy at our house.  My good friend Emily and her 6 month old daughter Sophia have been staying with us for a little while.  I won't go into too much detail, but Emily just found out she is going to be needing a divorce and needed out of her house ASAP.  She has a wonderful support system of friends here in Austin.  We found her an apartment yesterday and she will be moving in this weekend.  I'm thrilled to have her and Sophia closer.  Emily is a strong woman and has been handling this entire situation calmly and gracefully.  Sophia has an awesome mommy. 

The girls had fun playing with each other on the floor and with all the toys.  Avery is all over the place and Sophia can sit on her own now.  They are both getting big so fast! 
 Avery likes crawling around on the hard wood floor.  I think it helps her move around faster.  She isn't 100% crawling yet, but she can pivot around the floor quickly. 
Avery and Sophia all buckled in for a day out yesterday.  We looked at a few different apartment complexes and then had lunch at Doc's Backyard.  I barely tasted my food because I had to inhale it to walk around with Avery.  She was over tired and really needed a nap.  Sophia didn't want to nap, so we dropped Eric and Avery off at the house before Emily, Sophia and I headed over to Target for a few things.  We all ordered dinner from Cafe 1626.  Emily invited a few friends over to visit last night.  They all live on the south end of town.  They where all super nice and we had a good time.  I hope we all get to hang out again in the future. 

Today Eric is brewing two different beers and working in the yard.  It is going to be really hot today.  Avery and I will be spending most of the day inside with the AC cranked! 

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