Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soaps, Cranky, Study, Flowers

This morning, Avery and I ventured out for a little while.  We went to Target and walked out with nothing.  I don't think I have ever gone into Target and walked out empty handed.  It is a miracle!  We did browse the home section so I could look at everything I want to buy for the house and figure out how much one of the bigger items was going to cost.  Then we walked down to Bath and Body Works.  I needed to get more hand soaps and shower gels.  I've always loved the hand soaps and shower gels, they are my special little splurge that isn't even that expensive.  They have some really pretty scents out right now.  
 We got home and had some lunch.  Avery has been really cranky for me all day today.  She hasn't wanted to nap.  It is 4pm as I am posting this and I have tried 4 times to get her down today.  She is wearing me out.  It is really hard to deal with when you are alone for 24 hours.  She napped like a champ yesterday.  I'm letting her fuss in her crib right now and hoping she eventually falls asleep.  I also gave her some Tylenol.  She is drooling a ton and I'm wondering if she is extra cranky because of teething.  I'm letting Avery hang out in some fresh pajamas all day just because.
 I finally got the study all cleaned out.  I still need to steam the hard wood floors in here (and the entire house for that matter) and move some wall hangings around.  I'm excited to transform part of this room into a play area for Avery.  I've already picked out the shelving unit, baskets, bulletin board and wall hanging that I want to add to this room.  Our chair, desk and book shelf will still stay in the study/playroom.  I'm moving the two New York pictures to the wall with the desk on it.  I'll be moving Rolo's bed too.

 We found out last night that a type of flower we planted in our front and back yard is toxic to dogs.  The Vinca flower is toxic to dogs, cats and horses.  We had no idea.  We should have researched our plants before buying them.  Lesson learned.  The oleanders we planted in the front yard are also VERY toxic to all animals.  We are leaving the plants in the front yard since Rolo is never out there unsupervised.  We are going to be pulling up the Vinca flowers that are in the back bed though.  I haven't been able to let him hang out in the back at all today.  I think we'll be taking care of that tomorrow.  Here are the flowers in the back yard that are coming up... and if you have animals DO NOT plant these flowers where they spend time.
I'm still listening to Avery fuss.  It has been a long day.  Hope everyone is having a good day after the long holiday weekend.

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