Monday, May 16, 2011

More shopping at Leesburg outlets!

Today mom and I got up early, had some coffee, got dressed and headed out the door to do some more shopping!  We headed out to Cascades to pick up my Aunt Susan.  We ended up hanging at her place for about 30 minutes having some breakfast.  We got to Leesburg outlets around 10:30am.  We went to a bunch of good stores and had fun walking around talking.  Avery didn't come with us but she lucked out with some new clothes and shoes!  I found some cute white sandals in Stride Rite for her.  I got them for $17, and at the regular store in the mall they cost $26.  I'm so happy I waited to check out the outlet store before buying them!  My mom got Avery two tops and a pair of shorts at Carter's.  She also got her a top, jean shorts and a one piece outfit at Gymboree.  Aunt Susan got her a really cute tankini at Gymboree too!  I LOVE the Gymboree outlet store!  The regular store at the mall is usually too pricey for me, but the outlet had some great prices and tons of things to chose from!  Here are all of her new goodies!  Thanks mom and aunt Susan for picking out some cute clothes!  After the outlets, we stopped for a late lunch, dropped aunt Susan off at home, then headed back home before traffic got really bad.  
I ended up not getting anything for myself, as always.  It isn't as fun shopping when you aren't a small size 4/6 anymore.  Nothing looks good.  Plus some of the styles right now just look ugly to me.  Maybe when I shed the baby weight I'll enjoy my favorite hobby again.

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  1. OH, you look great! Kinley has that same swimsuit!! I bought it for her last week when we were at the outlets. They will be little twins. ;-) Enjoy your vacation.