Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just the girls!

Today Avery and I went to go and visit my friend Emily and her daughter Sophia at their new apartment.  They moved into the complex that Eric and I lived in for almost two years.  I loved living there so I am so excited she chose these apartments to live in.  The girls had fun playing for awhile before we headed out to lunch and to do some shopping. 

We had lunch at BJ's then went to a few stores around the Sunset Valley area.  We had planned to go over to Once Upon A Child but didn't make it, so I think we are going to get together again tomorrow and head over there.  We had a really fun day hanging out just us girls!

When Avery and I got home, she decided she didn't need a nap.  I tried getting her down multiple times but she wasn't having it.  Instead, this is how I found her when I went into her room.
She is sitting on her knees!  Her crib needs to be lowered as soon as Eric is home again.  She is also chewing on the railing of her crib.  I'm not sure if I did that as a baby, but Eric's mom told me he chewed on his crib and it left a bunch of marks.
Avery is so far fighting her bedtime as well.  Hopefully we don't have a rough night!

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