Monday, June 13, 2011

Stuff around the house and Cypress Grill

This morning when Eric got home from work he made cinnamon pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  It was so good!  After breakfast, Eric got started on putting together the new playroom organizer while I ran to Target for a few things.  It was so nice to go to the store on my own.  When I got home, Eric was about finished with the organizer, and Avery was helping him.  
 Avery was testing out all the new toy boxes that are going in the organizer.  I think she likes them!
 Rolo, the supervisor fell asleep on the job.
 While at Target this morning, I decided to get a comforter and throw pillows for the guest room.  This room really needed some decorating done.  I still want to get some wall hangings, but for now I really love how much better it looks.  Beats the ugly white down comforter I had on the bed!
 This room already had the navy blue black out curtain that we used to have in our master bedroom at the apartment.  I had to stick to a navy and white theme in this room.  I used one of the extra baskets I had and put some navy bath towels and white wash cloths in it for guests.  I also have a really pretty smelling vanilla amber candle in here.
 I took the mobile down off of Avery's crib since she is moving around more, sitting up and pulling up.  Since that mobile is gone off this side of the crib, this wall looks really bare now.  Any ideas on what I could hang here?
 The study/playroom is complete!  The organizer and new toy boxes look great.  We got a bulletin board hung above the organizer which I am going to be putting tons of pictures on.  I'm planning on making a large Shutterfly order tonight.  I also want to update a few frames around the house with new pictures.

 Once everything was finished in the house, we decided to go and get an early dinner at Cypress Grill.  We love Cajun food!  Avery was pretty excited about watching us with all our food.
 We started off with some awesome boudin balls.  I love these things!
 My dinner was shrimp, seasoned green beans, and red beans and rice.  Oh it was so delicious!

 Eric got the red beans and rice entree that comes with garlic bread and sausage.
 We finished the meal off with my favorite: red velvet cake!  They have the best red velvet cake.
 Avery loved the cake and frosting!
 We gave her some of the chocolate syrup that was drilled over it and she loved it.  Chocolate face!
 When we got home, Avery started showing off her skills of getting up on all fours and rocking.  She is really teasing us.  We are so excited for her to actually crawl.
Time to relax for the evening.  Have a good one!

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