Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Uncle Billy's Brew-B-Que Tour and Dinner

We had a pretty relaxing morning and afternoon.  Eric was home today, so we started the day with a nice walk around the neighborhood.  It was so hot even in the morning hours!  After our walk, Avery went down for a really good morning nap.  She had no desire to go down for an afternoon nap though!  We decided to let her take a dip in the pool for a few to see how she would like it.  She enjoyed the water, but it lasted maybe 10 minutes.  Avery finally went down for a short nap around 4pm, but we had to get her up around 4:45pm so we could head out to meet friends for dinner.  

We met our friends Matt and Emily, and their 6 month old daughter Sophia for dinner at Uncle Billy's.  We all love that place.  Great food and great beer.  Matt and Eric are both home brewers and love craft beer.  You won't catch either of them drinking Bud or Miller!  Tonight at Uncle Billy's they had a brewery tour that the guys went on.  We also got some appetizers, drinks and dinner.  We all had a bunch of fun talking and playing with the girls.  
 Avery enjoyed her dinner of sweet potatoes with corn and pears.  She was also eyeballing daddy's sampler of beer!  The guys are teaching the girls young!
 Sophia sitting in her high chair like a big girl!  She was in a good mood the entire time.  I told Emily she is going to be a little night owl party girl... she was ready to go all evening!
Eric took Avery on the brewery tour since she loves being in the Ergo so much.  It also was nice to just have one baby at the table while Emily and I ate our dinner.  Emily and I are planning to have weekly get together's this summer while she is off work (she is a school teacher).  I've been having fun hanging out with other mom's and making summer plans!

I'm thinking about having a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and relaxing!  Have a great night!

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  1. It was a great time! Typical shot of Sophia right now--fingers in the mouth! :)