Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tired Thursday

Today was our last day with Emily and Sophia staying with us.  We had a rough morning trying to get both girls down for naps.  Emily and I where both really tired and not in the mood to deal with non-nappers.  They both finally napped, at opposite times of course.  Eric brewed two different beers today and worked in the yard.  Emily and I ran out to do some things with the girls.  We had a late lunch at Maudie's which was yummy.  Emily and Sophia left this evening.  I miss having them here and I can't wait for them to move into their new apartment this weekend!

After Avery had her bath we did some playing in the living room.  I thought it would be cute to stick her in one of the fabric toy boxes. 
She is rolling all over the place.  I just can't sit and drink my coffee anymore while she plays.  I'm up every two minutes moving her around or keeping her out of trouble.  She is so curious about everything!

Eric and I are both super tired this evening.  It is going to be an early night for sure.  Avery is already in bed and I hope she sleeps through the night for me.  Tomorrow I'm meeting my friend Angie for lunch and shopping.  I love that she loves going out to eat and shopping just as much as I do!  We are getting lunch at Serrano's... I get to eat Mexican food two days in a row!  YES! 

Hope everyone has a great night! 

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