Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nice Monday Afternoon

Eric worked Sunday night, so when he got home on Monday  morning he needed to sleep for a few hours.  Once he got up he needed to drive over to his work for a quick meeting.  While he was at work, I got showered and Avery took a short nap.  I also got a few cute pictures of her in her Daddy's Girl outfit and pretty orange flower bow from Jenny of Two Sisters Crafting.  I'm starting to become addicted to pretty fun bows!  Once Eric got home we headed out.
 Loving on her pink giraffe.  More like chewing really hard!
 Deep in thought.
 We had my appointment at 3pm with a colon/rectal surgeon.  Not the most fun appointment, but I am going to be having a small surgery the end of June.  I've been having problems since around Thanksgiving, either from child birth or being very sick for 6 weeks.  I'm nervous about the small procedure but I'm also happy that it has a 95% rate of making me feel better.

Once we left the surgeons office, we stopped at Walgreens to drop off a new prescription I got and to pick up a few things Avery needed.  Then we decided to get an early dinner at Kerbey Lane.  I love that place!  It was empty when we got there which is even better.  I love eating in quiet restaurants.  Avery was great and had a ball.  She ate her mixed fruit and puffs I brought for her.  Then she sampled some guacamole, queso, and red velvet cupcake.  Red velvet cupcakes are one of my favorites and it was delicious!  You should have seen Avery's eyes light up when she got the sugary cream cheese frosting in her mouth.  She did a little shimmy dance and all!

When we got home, I went outside and took some updated pictures of the flowers and shrubs that where planted.  Grandma Charlene asked to see some new pictures, so here you go!  They are looking great.

 This was Avery in the waiting room at the doctors office, already a fan of Coach bags.  That's my girl!
 And here she is having a great time at Kerbey Lane!  I'm glad she was in such a great mood for us, even without an afternoon nap.
Today Avery and I are making the trek up to Round Rock to meet my friend Angie and her kids at IKEA.  I'm looking forward to shopping and getting lunch.  Have a great Tuesday!

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