Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I love about Sundays

Today has been a good day.  Well, besides the random spitting up and vomiting Avery is still doing.  I really hope that stops soon.  I'm tired of having to change her bedding, or worrying about having her on the carpet or couch.  She had fun laughing at her aquarium today.  I put her in a new outfit she got.  The leggings have little fish on them.  It is really cute and from Carter's of course.  I love that store so much.  It is pretty much all I have for her!
 Inspecting her new gear!  I think she likes it.
 I decided to take some pictures of Avery's nursery.  I think I finally have it cleaned up, organized and decorated how I want it.

 Please excuse how filthy the ottoman to the glider is.  We've had many spills happen on there.  I want to look into seeing if a cover can be made for it that matches her room, but can be taken off easily to be washed.  I'm glad we didn't buy this glider new and spend a ton on it.  We bought it from a neighbor that was having a yard sale and scored it for $50.
 I still need a cute picture of Avery and I for the green frame on the top shelf.  It says on the bottom of the frame "Like Mother Like Daughter".  I just haven't gotten the perfect picture yet.

 I made the wall hook so I can hang her hoodies and jackets there.  If she is anything like her mommy, she will be a hoodie wearing little girl!
 Avery relaxed in the recliner for awhile today.  She looks so grown up sitting in the chair all on her own!  I love this picture!
 I was able to get a picture of her two bottom teeth.  FINALLY!  It is so hard to capture those sharp little suckers!  She bit me and it really hurt.  But I got my picture.
 The white sandwich bread that Eric made in the bread maker yesterday evening turned out so good!  I decided to boil some eggs so we could have egg salad sandwiches for a late lunch.

It turned out so good.  I love egg salad.  I should make it more.  It couldn't be easier.

Eric slept until 2pm today because he worked last night.  He is now outside taking care of cutting the grass and all that other fun stuff you do in the yard.  Avery and I are hanging out inside where it is nice and cool!  I'm not a hot weather fan at all.  Maybe if I had a pool to fall into right in my backyard I would think differently.  I'm seriously considering getting a big blow up pool that I see so many people have around here.  I just want to be able to sit in it and lounge.  And get a tan!  I think I'll be checking those out next week.

The rest of the evening should be pretty relaxing.  My floors are still filthy so I am going to see if Avery cooperates to let me get this task done.  I HATE how gross my floors get from having a dog.  They always look really bad and could really be swept everyday.  I love Rolo to pieces, but I don't love how dirty he makes the floors.  I notice it so much more now that I am on the floor playing with Avery.  I'm also OCD about being neat and clean, so maybe it isn't as bad as I really think.  :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I'm ready to start this week.  I have my appointment with the surgeon tomorrow afternoon (kind of nervous), meeting a friend on Tuesday to go to IKEA, possibly meeting another friend on Wednesday for lunch and painting our master bathroom, Friday going shopping for tons of good groceries and things for the playroom/guest room!

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