Thursday, October 20, 2011

Avery's One Year Photo Shoot!

I received my disc in the mail yesterday of all the one year photos we had done of Avery.  They are all adorable and wanted to share them!  Thank you so much Tiffany of Tiffany Cross Photography!

In the first few photos, Avery is wearing a really cute dress that her grandma Charlene made for her.  It is red with strawberries and has a big A on the front for Avery.  I love anything with strawberries for my little red head. 

Then we did a quick change into her Birthday Girl top and light pink tutu.  She got this awesome birthday cake toy at her birthday party and it fit into the pictures great!

We moved into Avery's room so we could get a picture of her in her new big pink chair.  At this point, she was starting to get cranky and upset.  She just had no idea that a cupcake was coming!
The top came off and the cupcakes came in!

Being so dainty with it at first.

Then she grabbed it and started to get down to business. 

Hooray for cupcakes and birthdays!!!

In a cupcake coma. 
Hope you enjoyed!

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