Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today was not a fun Thursday

What a day.  Avery woke up at 2am this morning for her now usual diaper change and bottle.  She acted just fine and drank her entire bottle.  She fell right back asleep for me.  I heard her making noise in the 5am hour, but I just listened to her on the monitor half asleep.  She eventually got quiet so I knew she had just fussed and fallen back to sleep.  I was pleasantly surprised when she slept in until 8:10am this morning!  I just kept thinking, my good sleeper is back minus the 2am wake up call!  I went in to get Avery and as soon as I opened her door it smelled funny.  She had vomited on herself and in her crib and had fallen asleep in it.  I guess she got sick in that 5am hour and I never heard it.  I still feel horrible about it.  How would you like sleeping in your own puke?  Pretty gross if you ask me.  She seemed to be in good spirits, so I got her undressed and right into the tub to get cleaned up.  While I was washing her, I noticed she had a pink/red rash on her chest.  I told myself that it will probably go away soon and to keep an eye on it.  It kind of looked like heat rash.  Avery happily ate her banana yogurt and played this morning.  Around 10am I decided to give her a morning bottle and get her down for a nap.  She completely refused her bottle of milk.  She never does that before morning nap.  She never refuses a bottle period!  My girl loves to eat!  I immediately knew she was sick or getting sick.  I placed her in her crib and she fell right asleep for almost 2 hours.  She woke up right when I needed her to and we headed over to Eric's station to drop off a few things that he needed.  He was working north today so it was a little trip to get up to his station.  On the way home, as I was driving down Mopac, Avery started heaving and vomiting in the back seat.  I freaked out and got off at the very next exit that was close.  It was all over.  There wasn't much I could do, I just needed to get home but we still had a good 25 minute ride to go.  She made it home without throwing up again.  We stopped at Jenny's house since they live right by us to get some Pedialyte.  Thanks SO MUCH Jenny!  I called Avery's doctor because of the vomit in the car and she still had the rash.  Dr. Collins wanted us to come in and see her.  So we loaded back up in the truck and headed to Buda.  The doctor said it is more than likely a virus and the rash was from the vomit sitting on her skin.  It got irritated and should go away soon on its on.  It is 7:15pm and Avery hasn't vomited since the time in the car, and she ate a container of pears for me around 5pm and that stayed down.  She has had plenty of Pedialyte.  We are fighting once again to get down for bed.  She only took that morning nap for me, and a short 10 minute snooze in the truck coming home from Buda.  Today has just not been fun at all.  I've barely had anything to eat or drink all day.  I could really go for some Chipolte and wished they delivered!  I hope tomorrow is better than today was.

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