Tuesday, June 7, 2011

IKEA and the outlets!

Today Avery and I took a trip up to Round Rock to meet my friend Angie for some shopping and lunch.  Half way up the road I realized that I had my camera with me, but the battery was still on the charger in the kitchen... so I don't have any fun pictures from today.  Boo.

We had a good time!  I was pleasantly surprised that Avery was able to hang and be good as long as she was.  We met at IKEA and looked in there first.  We both agree that IKEA isn't as inexpensive as it used to be and some of the stuff isn't the best quality.  We do agree that they have awesome coffee mugs!  After walking through the store, we stopped to get a piece of pizza and a drink.  We then decided to go across the street to the Round Rock outlets.  I was happy to go and check it out.  We've lived here since October 2006 and I have never been that outlet mall!

We walked around the outlets and stopped in a few stores.  It was SO hot out today!  It was 101 degrees.  I was happy that even though the outlet mall is outside, there was plenty of shade while walking around.  I could have dropped some money in Carter's and Ann Taylor LOFT but didn't buy anything.  I knew I needed to be good this trip and not spend money.  When we left the outlets, I ended up slamming Avery's pacifier in the door and breaking it in half!  She was screaming the first 10 minutes on the road and then fell asleep.  I need to make sure I keep extra pacifiers in my diaper bag at all times!

Angie - we had a great time meeting you and the kids for some lunch and shopping!  We'll have to plan more get together dates in the near future... and hopefully we can get a real shopping trip without kids to look around for ourselves! :)

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