Thursday, June 23, 2011

Walmart and lowering the crib

This morning Avery and I went to Walmart to do some much needed grocery shopping.  We seriously had nothing in the house for Eric and I to eat.  Avery had plenty of her food!  We took our time going up and down all the isles to make sure we got everything we needed.  I made a meal plan for the next few days so we know what we're having.  I've been slacking on that lately and need to be better about it.  Tonight we are having King Ranch Chicken.  One of my favorites!  Recipe to follow.

After Avery took her afternoon nap, Eric and I lowered her crib.  She has been sitting up more and pulling herself up on the crib bar.  While we worked on that, she played with Rolo for awhile on the floor.  Eric was able to snap this really cute shot of them together.  Rolo just lets her crawl all over him. 
After evening bath, we tried out the new lowered crib.  She can still reach and pull up, but even if she is standing there is no way she can fall out.  For now. 
I'm sure this crib will have lots of teeth marks on it. 
Hope everyone has a great night.  Tomorrow is Friday!

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