Friday, June 17, 2011

Serrano's, Shopping, and Shit

Today started off great!  Avery was pretty cheerful all morning and took a good hour and a half nap for me.  Once she woke up, we headed over to Serrano's to have lunch with my friend Angie and her two kids, Austin and Kinley.  Angie and I caught up over some awesome Mexican food while the girls ate some snacks and looked at each other.  At one point they both reached out and held each others hands!  Too cute! 
Kinley is just adorable!  I love her wild hair.  She is going to be turning one the end of July and we can't wait to go to this little girls birthday party to celebrate.  She was hungry at lunch because she was trying to take Austin quesadilla off his plate! 
Avery was deep in thought over her snacks.  I shared my refried beans with her and she loved them!  She was gobbling them up, I should have ordered her a small bowl of them! 
After eating lunch, we walked around all the good stores in South Park Meadows.  We went to Target, JCPenney, Marshall's, The Children's Place, Carter's, Ross, Hobby Lobby and Bed Bath and Beyond.  Angie and I both found some good deals and bought stuff.  I have so much fun hanging out with Angie.  We have so much in common!  We could both shop all day long.  We are going to plan a girls day down to San Marcos outlets sometime soon - kid free!  I was excited to find a couple cute things on sale for Avery at The Children's Place.  I'm starting to buy her 18 month clothes since she is starting to outgrow some 12 month clothes.  She goes through things so fast!

Both girls passed out for naps in their strollers while walking around!  Avery never does this so I was really surprised.  She probably saw her friend fall asleep and decided to do the same. 

Austin stayed awake the entire time and was really good while we where out.  He just cracks Kinley up.  Avery just stares at home not sure what to think!  He held open the doors for us going in and out of the stores. 
After a fun afternoon, I got home to a mess.  Rolo hasn't been feeling 100% the past few days but he has been fine to leave while out of the house for awhile.  As soon as I opened the door into the house, I could smell that her either vomited or had diarrhea.  He had both, all inside his crate.  I must give him credit, nothing was on him.  He did get it on my wall and ruined the bedding he had in the crate.  I had to leave Avery crying in her crib while I cleaned it up.  It was hard.  She needed to eat and take a nap.  Once I got the crate and wall cleaned as best I could, I went and took care of Avery.  She had her bottle but didn't want to nap.  I think her little snooze while shopping messed her up.  I decided to let her stay in her crib a little while.  As soon as I came out into the living room, Rolo promptly vomits a ton all over my area rug and hard wood floor.  At this point, I got really upset.  I had to put him outside while I cleaned it up.  I'm pretty sure my rug is ruined.  I had to put it out in the garage.  Thankfully it was an area rug and not bedroom carpet ruined. 

He seemed like he really wasn't feeling well after that.  He had explosive diarrhea multiple times outside.  I ended up calling my friend Jenny to see if she could come over to watch Avery while I took Rolo to the emergency vet.  Jenny came over with her daughter, and some Chickfila.  I quickly scarfed my food, got Avery asleep in bed, then took off with Rolo to the vet.  He had blood work done, vitals checked, was given fluids, some anti-nausea medicine and some antibiotics.  We also have some medicine to take for a week.  He can't eat or drink the rest of the night.  I feel bad because he is laying by his water dish.  It is hard to determine what is causing the vomiting and diarrhea.  We think he got into the compost used in the landscaping.  Hopefully he is on the mend and starts to feel better soon. Thanks so much again Jenny - we will be doing dinner soon on us!

Hope everyone has a great Father's Day weekend! 

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