Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy 9 Months Avery!

Look who is 9 months old today!  I can't believe my little baby girl is already 9 months.  She is getting so big.  This first year is really flying by.  Pretty soon I'll be planning her first birthday party.  Avery is such a sweet, happy, and easy baby.  Here she is for her 9 month photo shoot!

Avery is wearing 18 month clothes, size 3 shoes (they are a little big, but will last awhile!), and size 4 diapers.  She sleeps through the night most nights for 12 hours.  She is usually in bed around 6pm and starts waking up at 6am.  Sometimes she will fall back asleep for me until 8am which is really nice!  She has four 6oz. bottles of formula a day.  She eats 3 big solid meals a day.  Besides her baby food, she loves real bananas, yogurt, spaghetti, pizza, drinking water, rice and beans, shredded cheese, steamed vegetables, and red velvet cake!  She loves watching, petting and climbing all over Rolo Brown.  She usually takes two naps for me, but sometimes just one long nap.  She loves bath time!  She has been a great shopping partner and always does so well in her stroller or sitting in the shopping cart.  She likes playing with her little friends when we have play dates.  She is moving around all over the place!  She will roll, scoot, and crawl across rooms to get to things. 

Sweet Avery Blake - You make our days so happy and bright.  We love you very much! 

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