Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Avery's Birth Story

We arrived at North Austin Medical Center at 5am to begin the induction process.  I was beyond ready to have this baby.  I was done being pregnant!  When we got inside, we sat down to fill out some paperwork and then walked upstairs.  We got into my birthing room, changed into some hospital Gucci gowns, talked with our day nurse, and my IV got started.  My pitocin started around 6am.  My doctor came to see me at 7am to break my water.  Once my water broke, it didn't take too long for me to start feeling some contractions and pressure on my back.  I tried moving around into different positions to try and make myself more comfortable, but nothing was helping.  I wanted to get some drugs in me before it became too unbearable.  

Around 10 or 10:30am I asked to get my wonderful epidural.  I was really scared to get it, but was so thankful when I got it!  [Melissa doesn't remember this her wonderful husband is writing as a guest author starting now].  The labor and delivery nurse did a fantastic job getting Melissa ready for the epidural and getting all of the equipment.  The anesthesiologist seemed nice, but in a hurry.  Everything went great, up until the point where the doctor's phone started ringing.  The epidural catheter was inserted, but the tubing wasn't connected and the doctor was supposed to still maintain a sterile field.  When she leaned over to look at her phone, I cleared my throat and shot her a dirty look.  In my mind, I was thinking "I don't care who is calling you Doc, you just inserted a hole into my bride's spinal cord!  Pay attention damnit!"  I think she could read my mind because she stopped and went back to work.  

After the epidural, the nurse inserted the foley catheter, but Melissa didn't seem to care that much.  I thought it was just because of the epidural, but she started to get sleepy.  The nurse took Melissa's blood pressure and it was low.  The fetal heart rate started to drop too.  I tried to talk to Melissa but she was very sleepy and slow to answer.  She became pale.  The nurse was still calm and collected, and me, the big bad paramedic, was freaking out!  We rolled Melissa over and re-positioned her.  Didn't help.  We positioned Melissa again.  Didn't help.  The nurse inserted an invasive monitor.  It helped bring Avery's heart rate up, but Melissa was still sleepy.  The room became very hot and my belly is in knots.  I can feel the sweat on the back of neck.  We sat Melissa up, but nothing changed.  The nurse went to get a medication to push in Melissa's IV (ephedrine).  About thirty seconds after Melissa got the medication, she woke up and her skin became normal.  She said something like "the epidural is awesome."  Her pulse was normal, blood pressure was back up.  Avery looked like she was doing fine.  Crisis averted.  [I am giving the keyboard back to Melissa now].

Once the drama stopped, I was feeling no pain and was able to relax and nap for a few hours.  When I got my epidural I was 4cm dilated.  A few hours later I was already at 9cm!  By 5pm I was at 10cm and started to push.  I never thought I would be pushing for 3 hours.  I was so tired and hot and thirsty.  I remember telling my nurse that I wanted some Sprite so bad.  She promised to bring me one after delivery.  After what felt like forever pushing, my doctor came in and announced that I was going to have this baby.  I got this crazy rush of energy and with one push her head was coming out.  Another her shoulders and arms.  Then she was born.  I was in shock.  I couldn't believe she was here.  They placed her on my chest and I just stared at her.  I laughed and cried.  Eric laughed and cried.  It was so overwhelming and emotional.  It was the happiest moment ever.  

Avery Blake was born September 29, 2010 at 7:57pm.  She weighed 7lbs. 8oz. and was 20 3/4in. long.  Red hair and blue eyes!  We couldn't be more in love with our beautiful daughter.  
My awesome nurse brought me two cans of Sprite as soon as I was all cleaned up and situated.  Sprite never tasted so good!

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