Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lots of playing today

After breakfast and the 9 month photo shoot this morning, we all played in the play room for awhile.  Eric helped Avery stand up and look out the front windows.  She likes looking out at the trees and flowers. 
Avery took an awesome morning nap for me.  When she got up it was lunch time, so she had her solids and I got her dressed for the day.  Eric went to the the gym and ran a few errands.  We played and did some laundry. 
After an outfit change (hello spit up), Avery and Rolo had fun playing in the play room.  The toys where all over the floor. 
Avery checking out all of the books.  Those ended up all over the floor too!
My mom sent me a little package today with two cute outfits in it for Avery.  I love them!  Thanks mom!
For dinner we had shredded spicy chicken tacos with refried beans.  Avery LOVED it.  She gobbled up her chicken, cheese, beans and tortillas.  I'm so happy she enjoys eating all of the foods we cook.  She made a huge mess and went right into the bath after eating.
She got mad at me because I kept redirecting her away from the computer wires in the family room.  She had tons of toys and books out, but she just wanted that wire.  It is hard to watch her every second and she wants to get into everything and put everything in her mouth.  I'm thinking about unloading her pack and play to set up in the living room.  I need a place to put her when I need to cook or clean or just not have to keep an eye on her for a few minutes.  She isn't super interested in being in her jumper or exersaucer anymore. 
Rolo is just worn out after all of the playing today. 
It's only 5:30 and Avery is already in bed.  Who knows if she will stay in there or not.  Once she is down for the night I may or may not do some of the chores that got neglected all day today.  Or I might make some brownies.  I think the second option sounds much better.

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