Thursday, April 12, 2012

update on our travels

Just a quick update... we made it to VA safe and sound on Wednesday evening!  Avery made friends at the airport and on the plane.  She was a little social butterfly the entire day.  She only broke down the last hour of the flight.  My mom and brother picked us up at Dulles airport and we headed home.  Well we made a pit stop at Chickfila for dinner since we were all starving.  Here is Avery in the back of my brothers car sitting in rush hour traffic on route 28 (some things never change!).
My parents and brother surprised Avery and I with some Easter Peeps!  Avery and I love those suckers!
Today was a girls day.  My mom, Avery, and I headed out to Super Target and Bath and Body Works.  We needed to pick up some groceries for dinner, and I needed to get replacement toiletries for what I had to leave in Texas.  (Yup, my luggage was too heavy when we checked in, so I had to leave stuff behind).
After shopping in the morning, we came home for some lunch and play time.  Avery is loving playing with my brothers little drum.  She is also having fun with her plastic Easter eggs and basket.  She loves putting the eggs in the basket and taking them back out again.
And she likes putting the basket on her head like a hat!
Avery took a nice afternoon nap for a couple hours.  Once she woke up, we went for a nice walk to get some fresh air.  For dinner we all enjoyed some Hawaiian chicken and brown rice.  Avery gobbled her dinner up!  She had a side of peaches too.
After dinner and a bath in the big bathtub, Avery helped grandpa sweep up the floors.  She is such a great little helper.
Lounging around in the big recliner before bed watching the Disney channel.  I had some trouble getting Avery to sleep tonight.  She was for sure tired, but she was crying super hard when I left her in her crib.  I think it is the new room.  Hopefully she gets used to her surroundings soon.  It feels so weird not having my video monitor to see what shes doing!
Tomorrow my parents have to work, so it will be just Avery and I in the morning and early afternoon.  I'm planning on doing some shopping with my best friend Erin tomorrow evening.  Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

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  1. Glad you made it safe!