Monday, June 20, 2011

Red's Porch

I'm so happy Eric was home with us today.  He needed to sleep some this morning, so while he napped Avery and I went over to South Park Meadows for a little while.  We went to Walmart to stock up on more baby food items.  I also got Avery three pair of new 18 month pajamas.  I had heard that the Faded Glory organic cotton pajamas are great and they are only $5 per set.  They are really cute!  After Walmart, we went over to Target and Carter's just to browse and waste time. 

Once we got home, Eric was already awake.  He gave Avery her lunch while I showered and got ready to head out for lunch.  I decided to put Avery in one of her little sundresses with a bow we got from Jenny.  Isn't this adorable!?  She is all set to go out. 
We decided to get drinks and lunch at Red's Porch.  We had never been but had heard good things.  They have some high decks to sit on outside that over look the green belt.  It is really pretty.  It was too hot for us to sit outside today so we sat inside. 
Of course we ordered an appetizer of chips, salsa and queso! 
Avery enjoyed herself snacking on some puffs I brought for her and the queso. 
Eric and I split the smoked chicken quesasilla with rice and beans.  I was so happy they split the food in the kitchen and served us our own plates.  I hate having to split food at the table.  Avery loved the rice and beans.
Eric enjoying a nice cold beer to celebrate his 31st birthday and 1st father's day!  Even though we had to celebrate his special weekend a day late, we all still had a great time. 
Avery and I being silly at lunch.
The amazing peach cobbler we split for dessert!  It was so good. 
We'll be going back to Red's Porch soon.  We really liked it!  After lunch, we headed home and relaxed for most of the afternoon.  We did a little cleaning and got Avery in bed around 6:30-7pm.  We are watching the baseball game now and going to have a small late dinner... probably chips and salsa!  Hope everyone has a great night!

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