Saturday, April 21, 2012

iPhone photo drop VA edition

This blog has been so neglected since I came to VA. I apologize, but I'm having a really good time and have been busy spending time with family and friends, going out to eat, shopping, and just having fun!  I haven't even used my regular camera yet.  I'm doing a photo drop from my iPhone in no particular order.  I've been randomly snapping pictures all week.

Avery with her Pop Pop on a walk.  We've been going for walks (and I have been running some) almost daily.
On Wednesday, we got to see the Space Shuttle Discovery be escorted into Dulles.  I got a great shot while out on a run.  I'll probably never see this happen again!  It was pretty cool.  Things like this make me miss living in the DC area.
Avery all dressed cute in some new leggings and a jean dress before going out to breakfast at IHOP.
Checking out the menu at IHOP... Avery enjoyed her pancakes and eggs!
Another day we stopped and had lunch at Olive Garden.
We like food in this family!  The other night we ordered some pizza and meatball heroes from Tony's.  I LOVE me some Tony's!  Dad got me a cannoli too! :-)
Avery's first time eating some Tony's pizza!
Last night I went to dinner with my best friend Erin and her mom Patrice.  We went to Sweetwater Tavern which is one of my favorite restaurants!  I had some delicious crab cakes, mashed potatoes and coleslaw!  I was in a food coma afterwards.
After dinner at Sweetwater, we decided to go browse around Target.  We all know I can't walk in heels.  I don't even own any heels!  Well I came across these awesome gold glittery platform heels and fell in LOVE!  They are so cute!  I didn't buy them, but I had to take some pictures of myself wearing them.
This morning Avery pulled out all of her toys, but just wanted to play with her monster trucks!
Mom and I did some shopping the other day.  Avery cleaned up as always. We got her some really cute outfits at Osh Kosh B'Gosh.  I love all the red white and blue stuff for summer.
And we found her a new outfit and bath towel and wash cloth set at Kohl's.  I couldn't pass up the fun animal print outfit!
Happy Saturday!

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