Friday, June 3, 2011

A Friday at home

I made the decision to just stay home today.  I wanted to get some things done around the house, and I also didn't want to take Avery right back out if she wasn't feeling 100% yet.  Avery seems to be feeling just fine today.  She is acting like her normal happy self.  After her hour and a half morning nap, she had a blast touching and watching her crib aquarium!  My parents got this for her and she just loves it!  
 While Avery took her morning nap, I got busy around the house.  I did 4 loads of laundry and got everything folded and hung up, took everything off the stove and kitchen counters to clean them, put everything back on the stove and kitchen counters, entered all of my donations into Turbo Tax, refilled the Glade plug in night lights (I love those things in the apple cinnamon scent, my house always smells like fall!).  Here is my pretty clean kitchen!

 Avery hanging out watching me in the family room while eating some puffs after lunch.  I was relaxing for a few on the couch and playing on the computer.
 Avery helped me fold some laundry today!  She loves being up in our bed.  She sat and rolled around while I got things put away.
 I love my little girl.  She is so much fun to hang out with!
 I've been trying to drink more water lately, so I've been refilling this today.  It was a $15 Starbucks cup, but for some reason it does help me drink more.
 I decided to make an early dinner since I didn't have anything for lunch today.  I went really fancy and made macaroni and cheese out of the box, then sprinkled it with bacon bits!  I'm on my own tonight, so that means no real cooking.  It was delicious!
The rest of the evening will be feeding Avery dinner and getting her a bath.  We'll have some more play time before bed.  I want to read more of my new book called Two Kisses For Maddy (a WONDERFUL read, Eric loved it too!), and catch up on my episodes of 16 and Pregnant.  Hope you have a great night!

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