Friday, March 30, 2012

avery blake is 18 months old

Avery Blake you are 18 months old.  I seriously can't believe that 18 short months ago I had you bundled up like a little burrito in the hospital room.  I remember being so exhausted the night after you where born, but I couldn't sleep.  I just wanted to sit and rock you all night.  Now you hardly stay still for a minute to sit with me.  Oh how the times have changed.  You are turning into such a fun, sweet, and thoughtful little girl.  
At 18 months old you are wearing size 24 month clothes in one piece outfits and 2T clothes in everything else.  I think spring and summer are going to be our last seasons of wearing cute little one piece rompers.  You wear a size 5 or 5.5 shoe depending on the brand.  You wear a size 5 diaper for day and night.  You have gotten much better at leaving the big bows that mommy loves in your hair.  Your hair is starting to get longer, but we haven't had a first hair cut yet. 
You eat three meals a day, a couple snacks, and love drinking plenty of whole milk.  You are a very good eater and enjoy mostly everything you try.  Some of your favorite foods are cheese, bananas, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, oranges, apples, macaroni and cheese, french toast sticks with syrup, and of course ice cream.  You don't seem to like pineapples. 
You love going for long walks in your stroller, as long as we are going at a steady pace and not stopping.  You love stopping at the park to play on the swings and slide.  You have fallen in love with the outdoors.  You love being outside and exploring your surroundings.  You are going to be your daddy's little outdoors buddy helping him in the yard and going on hikes.  You are quite the daredevil and climb onto everything without a care in the world.  You are a huge animal lover, especially dogs.  You light up when you see dogs when we are out and about.  You are crazy about Rolo Brown. 
You love electronics.  Phones, computers, TV's... you love it all.  Your favorite show to watch in the morning while sitting on the couch and drinking milk is Sesame Street. 
You love to run, play chase, and hide and seek.  You love giggling and being tickled.  You give hugs.  You like opening and closing doors and cabinets.  You hold hands when going for walks, when we are out shopping, or even just in the house for fun.  I'm pretty sure your two favorite spots to go are Super Target and Chickfila since we are there at least once a week!  You are always good for me when we go out.  You like to people watch, wave to people, and snack on goodies while sitting in a shopping cart. 
You still love your pacifier.  You always get it for naps and bedtime.  You have started to help with getting yourself dressed in the morning.  You love shoes and purses.  You love playing with anything that opens and closes and you can put things inside it.  You like your blocks, books, mini laptop, shopping cart, baby dolls, lullaby seahorse, lovey bear and bunny, stuffed animals, and bright musical Disney movies.  You are good at lining toys up and stacking toys on top of one another.  You like handing toys to me to use.  You pretend eat with your plates and forks. 
You are one loveable little toddler.  You love for mommy and daddy to be on the floor with you so you can crawl all over us and be affectionate.  Words can't express how much we love you.  You are seriously the coolest little person we know.  You make us laugh daily and always put a smile on our faces.  You are one special girl Avery Blake.  Happy 18 months!  We love you!


  1. So cute!!! Gosh, she looks like such a big girl in these pictures.

  2. How adorable! Happy 18 months!!!

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