Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Avery met some paramedics today.

Here is a picture of Avery happy this morning.  She even went to child care at the gym today for 30 minutes and did great.  She only cried for about 5 minutes and then she played quietly.  We came home from the gym, had lunch and Avery took an awesome 2 hour nap.
I had the monitor with me in the living room while I was watching my shows.  I heard Avery start to wake up, so I turned the picture on the monitor on and saw a huge pile of something in her crib.  I went in and she had vomited what looked like her entire lunch of peas and carrots up.  I honestly thought it was going to be a one time thing.  I cleaned her up and brought her out to the living room.  She was sitting on the floor on a blanket and she vomited again.  Over a 2 hour period she vomited 8 times.  She continued to get more cranky, seemed to be in pain when vomiting and was becoming lethargic.  I felt like she was looking right through me. I started to get nervous because I was home alone.  She started choking/gagging on thick mucus and vomiting that up and bile.  She did that a few times.  I finally talked with Eric and he was going to be late getting home. I wasn't comfortable driving to Dell with her in the backseat in case she gagged or vomited again.  We finally decided that I needed to call 911 since she is so young, kept vomiting, wouldn't take any fluids down and hadn't had a wet diaper in hours.

One of the paramedics that came to the house was one of Eric's friends.  He took all of her vitals and everything came up normal.  They offered to transport her but we decided not to.  Eric was going to be home in 30 minutes at that point.  If we needed to take her in, we would do it ourselves and save the transport bill.  Just an FYI, if you call 911 and are checked out but aren't transported you still get a bill.  I know some people have no idea how that works.  My husband has to get paid somehow!

When Eric got home, we gave her some bubble gum flavored Pedialyte.  She has kept the 5 mls down.  She is now fast asleep in her crib.  I know the poor thing is totally worn out.  We called her pediatrician again to get her an update and we are going to be taking her in tomorrow morning.  This is the first time our baby got really sick.  I hope she feels good as new in the morning.  I hope Eric and I can get some sleep tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great day!  Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and I'm planning on making chicken tacos!

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  1. OH, poor Avery!! I am so glad that she is not vomiting anymore and somewhat feeling better. I was so worried about her when you said you had to call 911. At least she is keeping the pedialyte down. Let me know if you need anything!!