Monday, May 2, 2011

Productive Cold Day

Well first... here is a picture I took last night.  I was up late playing online, when I noticed tons of status updates on my Facebook newsfeed.  Everyone kept saying to turn on CNN.  After hunting for this terrorist for many years, Americans finally took him down.  The president made a speech confirming the statement that Osama Bin Laden is dead.
 Today it was FREEZING for May in Austin!  When I got up at 7:30 this morning it was only 49 degrees outside!  BRRR!  Avery and I stayed home today in our warm and cozy pajamas.  Here she is having some playtime after breakfast.
 I have a HUGE to do list that I am slowly working on.  Today I got a spurt of energy in the afternoon and decided that I wanted to go through all of our randoms papers.  We had a Whole Foods shopping bag, a file drawer and two fire safes full of random papers.  I knew the majority of it could be trashed.  This project took a few hours!  I brought everything into the study and started making piles to keep and a pile to trash.  I wish I would have taken a picture of all of the trash!  I would say we kept a quarter of the papers we had!  It was all old bills, bank statements, school and work documents, insurance papers, house papers, receipts, notes, you name it!  I am so proud of myself for getting this chore done!  It is only one thing on my list but just having it all out feels really good!  And papers came from 3 different rooms in our house.  I feel accomplished today!

Most of our house has wood floors.  All the bedrooms have carpet.  I was putting some clothes away in Avery's room and set her on her floor to hang out.  She loves how the carpet feels!  She kept moving her feet around to feel it!  Sometimes I regret getting all wood floors, because it isn't  much fun to play on.  It also looks filthy all.the.time.  Live and learn... there are so many things I'm going to do different with our next house!  Here are a few shots of Avery hanging out in her bedroom.

We got a little bit of rain this evening.  The sky is looking pretty dark so I hope we get some more!  I'm trying to talk Eric into going and picking up some frozen custard at Likkity's.  Hope everyone has a great night!

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