Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our last day in the 703

Today was our last day hanging out in the 703.  I'm going to miss my family and friends a ton, but I am more than ready to get back home.  I miss our house and normal routine.  I miss having all of Avery's things.  I miss Rolo Brown.  I'm ready to get our house cleaned and organized.  I'm ready to get myself on a routine with going to the gym a few times a week.  I'm ready to make some plans to hang out with new friends in Austin.  

This morning, I went out to the stores for a little while with my mom and grandma.  We stopped at the bank then headed over to Kohl's, Modell's, and Border's.  I got two outfits for Avery in Kohl's, got myself some lounging clothes at Modell's (two tank tops and three pair of shorts... I got old school cheerleading brand Soffee!!!  I always loved it growing up and it is super cheap!), and didn't have any luck in Border's.  We got some lunch at Wendy's.  

Later in the afternoon, my cousin Christine stopped over with her two boys, Louis and Georgie.  They had a blast playing with Avery and running around the house.  They are so full of energy, especially Georgie!  He cracks me up.  He is the life of any party!  They are both getting so big!  They played very nicely with little Avery.  

 I think the boys where trying to be monkeys in this picture!

 Avery had some helpers while it was meal time.  Look at Georgie's face in this picture... hilarious!
Avery ended up with a fever again this afternoon.  She got some more Tylenol.  I really hope she is feeling better tomorrow for traveling!  Eric got Avery her bath and into fresh pajamas while I finished laundry and started getting everything packed up in the suitcases.  We need to try and get to bed early tonight.  We take off at 9am from Baltimore, so we have a two hour drive to the airport in the morning.  So not fun.  I've had chicken tacos cooking in the crock pot all day, so we are about to settle down to have that for dinner.

I'll miss you 703, but I'm ready to be back in the 512.  Our home now.


  1. Aww, I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time. It is always so great to see and be with family, but no matter what it is always great to be 'home'. Safe travels tomorrow. Give me a call when you get back in town so we can get together.

  2. Get home safely! We miss you guys. Looking forward to Memorial Day!