Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We said good bye to family this morning and flew back home to Austin.  The flight home wasn't as bad as the flight going out to VA.  Avery was in a better mood.  She played with her toys and books, played with us, made friends on the plane and had a couple bottles.  She sat on daddy's lap up until the end of the flight.  
 Eric and Avery looked out the window as we started to land.  I thought this was a cute picture of them!
 Right after this picture was taken, Avery started to get upset.  I think her ears might have been popping.  Mine popped some too.  She was also very over tired.  I was able to rock her to sleep for the last 15 minutes of the flight.  Before heading home, we stopped at Connie's house to pick up Rolo Brown.  He was very excited to see all of us!  I love that he stays with Connie whenever we have to go out of town.  I never worry about him because he is in the best possible hands!  Once we had Rolo, we decided to pick up food at Maudie's Hacienda for a late lunch/early dinner.  We got it to go since we knew Avery wasn't in the mood to be out.  When we got home, we left all the suitcases and junk in the car and just walked in with the four of us and our food!  We all sat in the kitchen and chowed down.  Avery tried refried beans for the first time and loved them!

Our friends Michael and Jenny house sit for us when we go out of town.  They stopped over to return our key and say hello.  Jenny and her sister have a business making adorable hair bows, headbands, diaper bags, and a bunch of other goodies!  I bought three bows from her and she gave me the pretty orange flower!  They are too cute! Check out the Facebook page: Two Sisters Crafting!
We ordered Avery her new car seat.  A website had an awesome deal on the brand we wanted so we went ahead and ordered it.  Eric had done a ton of research on car seats, and Britax is the best.  I of course wanted the cute girly colors!  It is light pink with brown polka dots.  I'm so excited to get it installed and get Avery into it!  Rolo is inspecting the new goods!
Avery is in bed and we are hoping she sleeps through the night.  We are exhausted from her night wakings while on vacation.  We need our baby back on her awesome sleep schedule!  I think we'll bust out more of the Maudie's chips and salsa for a snack!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  It feels good to be home!

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