Sunday, May 29, 2011

Goodbye and the littlest Rockies fan

Here are a few pictures from last night that where taken after I already posted!  I was out getting groceries at Super Target, so Avery was at home with grandma Charlene.  She was all cozy in her Tinkerbell pajamas having fun playing on the floor.  She is pushing up on her toes to help her reach the ball.  
 My sweet happy baby!
 She loves to try and grab the camera.  This child is not going to be camera shy growing up that is for sure!
 Grandma Charlene had to fly back home to Colorado today, so she wanted some nice pictures taken with her and Avery.  We put Avery into one of the outfits she made her and headed outside.  Avery is scared of the grass so it was hard to get many good pictures.  She kept looking down at the grass waiting to freak out if we lowered her too far!  I was able to make some funny noises to grab her attention quickly.

 The whole gang is on the floor playing.  So much fun!
 After we took grandma Charlene to the airport, we came back home and changed into some new Colorado Rockies pajamas.  They are adorable!  I thought it would be fun to put her new bow in her hair that matches and take some pictures.  Maybe we have a little future softball player on our hands?  Eric would LOVE that.  I not so secretly want her to be a cheerleader like I was!
 She just loves playing with this big stuffed rattling softball!
 Here is more of a close up so you can see the awesome bow Jenny made.  It has zebra print, purple and a sparkly silver.  It is perfect to match her Rockies gear!
 Playing with her softball is serious business folks.
 Just thought I would toss in a picture of my lunch today.  Some delicious strawberry shortcake.  YUM!
 This evening I gave Avery some chunks of avacado with her shredded cheese for dinner.  She loved it.  I'm glad she isn't a picky eater so far.  She has enjoyed everything I have given her for the most part.
 We finally got the new car seat installed into the truck.  Avery was ready for bed at this point, but we needed to try it out.  Everything looked good.
Avery went to bed at 5:30pm tonight.  That is pretty early.  My thoughts are she will either wake up once during the night or she will be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning.  This evening I am going to finish the laundry, do some dusting, pick up random stuff around the house, and prep some food for tomorrow.  I feel super lazy and don't want to do any of it, but it needs to get done.  I'm looking forward to seeing some friends tomorrow afternoon and eating some good food!

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