Thursday, May 26, 2011

Landscaping and LOTS of pictures!

This morning, Eric made buttermilk pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  It was so good!  It was a great way to start the day.  Right after breakfast, Eric and his mom went outside to start working on the landscaping.  We have been wanting to redo our beds in the front and back of the house.  In the front of the house we have a large bed that wraps around one side and two tree beds.  In the back of the house there is one bed on the side of the small back patio.  

Rolo made sure to supervise activity all day long.  
 Eric is cutting down all the overgrown grass in the front large bed.  We wanted to get this project done in April, so that is how long this has all been sitting for.  You just need a lot of time and money to do it, and we haven't had much of that lately!
 This is the large front bed right in front of the house.  The shrubs are in good shape, all the grass and weeds need to go.
 Avery played outside this morning and watched everyone work.  She really enjoyed the fresh air!  The front of our house has shade in the morning so it was perfect!

 Once Avery was over playing outside, we came in and had some lunch.  Once again, she was not interested in her purees.  She was all over eating some cheddar cheese though!  She made a royal mess but seemed to love it!  She was able to get more in her mouth today.  I was happy she enjoyed her lunch so much.  Look at all that cheese on her belly!  I let Rolo lick it off her when she was all done!
 We all needed to make a run to Hone Depot, so I got Avery dressed in one of her outfits made by grandma Charlene.  It's is adorable!
 Here she is taking a self portrait for her Facebook page! :)
 My sweet baby girl.
 Eric and Avery shopping for flowers and shrubs at Home Depot.  It was SO hot outside today!
 Here is the pretty oleander we got for the front of the house.  I love the color!
 Here is Rolo hanging out with a bunch of the new flowers we bought.  We ended up having to kick him inside because he kept chewing and trying to eat acorns.  Not good.  I saw plenty of dogs stomachs cut open working at the veterinary hospital because of eating acorns.
 Later this afternoon, our friend Jenny stopped by with her baby girl Rhyan.  Avery and Rhyan are exactly one week apart.  Jenny sells the adorable bows I posted about in an earlier post.  I bought three more today along with a white headband.  Avery is starting to get a really nice collection of bows!
 Here is the very first flower we planted in the front yard!  It kind of looks sad all by itself, but there are tons more around it now.  The beds are 60% done, but all the work is done for the day.  Eric and Charlene worked so hard and it looks great.  I can't wait to see the finished product in the next couple of days.  I wasn't able to help much because I was on Avery duty.
 Avery got her dinner and bath and is sound asleep in bed.
 The three of us are now eating some pizza and wings and watching the baseball game!

Today was a great day!  Hope everyone has a wonderful night!

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