Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday morning Avery and I went over to South Park Meadows for a little while to do some shopping.  I realized yesterday that I hadn't been out of the house since last Wednesday morning.  We needed to get out for a little while.  We looked around Target, Hobby Lobby and Bath and Body Works.  Avery was pretty cranky so I made it quick in my stores.  Once we got home, we relaxed a bit and Avery finally settled down to take a nap.  While she was napping, Eric and I finished cleaning out our kitchen cabinets, fridge and freezer.  It was a long time consuming process, but we are both really happy it is all finished!  I think our favorite cleaned out cabinet now is the spice/baking cabinet!  We even put labels on the shelves!  I love how organized and clean it is now.  This cabinet was a complete disaster before!
 When Avery woke up from her nap she was unusually cranky still.  We let her play some and offered her a bottle, but she still isn't super interested in eating.  I really want my kid to get back to normal.  It will be week since she got sick tomorrow!  Eventually, Eric decided to try and get her back down to sleep since she was acting like she needed it.  She screamed and cried for a good hour and a half with Eric in her bedroom.  Then we figured out she was super constipated.  It makes sense.  Her eating habits have been all messed up the past week.  She was in so much pain going to the bathroom and it broke my heart.  We called her doctor to see what we could do to help her, and we ended up having to do a baby suppository.  I also gave her an entire jar of pureed prunes.  Luckily today she was able to poop no problem!  Only other moms and dads will  appreciate this poop story!

Today we've been hanging out at home.  Since being super sick on Saturday, every morning now since then I've been very nauseous.  I don't know why it is hanging around like that, but it sucks.  I'm not feeling very well right now.  I'm really hoping to not feel like this tomorrow morning when we fly, because it will make for a very long 3 hours in the air.  Avery had fun playing in her exersaucer before her nap.  Look at her standing straight up and those chunky legs!  She is about to outgrow this thing!
 And here she is trying to grab and eat my camera!
Later this afternoon I need to pack everything for our trip.  I have got to start feeling better.  As of right now I just want to go and take a nap.

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  1. Oh my gosh... Kinley has been so constipated. I gave her prunes and she went! ;-) Today she has already gone twice. They did the trick. Thank goodness. I hope that you have a wonderful time on your trip. I know you are so excited to see your family. Have a great time and email or call me when you get back in town so we can meet up.