Monday, May 23, 2011

First Day Home and Good News!

Wow, so our first night at home was a good one!  Avery went to bed at 5:45pm, woke for a diaper change and bottle at 10:30pm, then slept soundly until 7:15am!  She was exhausted.  Eric and I both slept like rocks too.  It felt so nice to be in our own bed.  Avery had a nice cheerful morning playing with her toys.  I offered her a sippy cup with water, but she wasn't sure what to do with it.  She ended up spilling water all over the place.  We had a nice morning together.  
 While Avery napped in the morning and afternoon, I started trying to tackle the mess I started before getting sick and going on vacation.  I started using the guest room a few weeks ago as a landing pad for crap... whether it was being donated, tossed or put on Craigslist.  Look at this hell hole!  I washed the sheets but just tossed them on the bed because I had no floor space to make the bed!  The suitcases are staying, I'm just too lazy to put them all inside each other and back out in the garage.  Maybe Eric can do that. :)
 I actually got 95% of the crap in this room loaded in my truck to take over to Good Will tomorrow.  I'm glad I got that accomplished.  I'm hoping to get some more chores done tomorrow.

I gave Avery some shredded cheddar cheese after she had some purees for dinner.  She loved it, but had issues actually getting it in her mouth.  I guess it is going to take some time before she realizes she needs to put the stuff on her tray into her mouth.  I think I ate more of the cheese than she did, but she enjoyed it when I put bits of it in her mouth.
So the good news for the day is Eric's mom Charlene is coming back down for a few days since she still has FMLA time from work!  We are SO excited and happy!  She is flying in on Wednesday evening and going home on Sunday afternoon.  It is a short visit but we'll still have a nice time!  I want to try and get as much accomplished around the house as possible with the extra set of hands.

Eric and I had some chicken and vegetables for dinner with wine.  We are going to relax the rest of the evening and watch some baseball.  Don't worry, I've got The Bachelorette recording!  I'll be watching that tomorrow!

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