Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Sunday Part 1

Happy Sunday!  We had a long and great day.  Everyone in the house was up pretty early thanks to the wake up call from Avery at 6:45am.  Eric let me sleep in for an extra 30 minutes which was really nice!  Once I got up, dad and I decided to go over to Shopper's to get some big donuts for an early breakfast.  Their donuts are so big that you can't fit a dozen into one box, you have to use two!  My favorite are the chocolate frosting with multicolored sprinkles.  We had donuts and coffee, Avery took her morning nap, and we all got showered and ready for the day.  We left the house at 11:15am to head to Falls Church to go to brunch at Mad Fox Brewing Company.  We had a pretty big group.  Eric, Avery and I went with my mom and dad, my brother Thomas and his fiance Katie, and then my Uncle Steve and Aunt Susan met us there.  
 The inside of the restaurant/brewery was really nice!  Classy and comfortable.
 They had a big chalkboard over the bar with all of their different beers.  Eric introduced me to some beers on cask which are so good!  I still ended up ordering a mimosa with my meal though!
 Our little family before getting our food!  I'm bummed I didn't get pictures of our meals.  Both of us really enjoyed our food, but had to inhale it because Avery was starting to get restless.  It was getting close to her afternoon nap time.
 My delicious mimosa!
 Avery was really interested in Eric's beer!  She kept trying to reach out and grab his glass!
 The entire gang (minus me and Avery) at the brewery.  We all had a great time at brunch!  Great drinks, great food, great company... you can't go wrong!
After brunch we headed home.  Avery slept in the car and then took a 2 hour nap once we got home.  It was great timing for the second part of our Sunday!

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