Friday, September 30, 2011

shots and a busy day

Today started early and was a busy day.  First thing this morning, Eric and I took Avery to her one year check up.  While we were out, my mom and Eric's mom baked some chocolate chip cookies that we are using as favors for Avery's birthday party.  Avery was due for a few shots today.  It broke my heart to see her cry so hard getting 4 needles in her little legs.  As soon as she was finished, I scooped her up and rocked her in my arms.  I felt so bad for her.  She is one healthy little girl!  She weighs 22 lbs. 6 oz. and is 30 1/2 inches long.  We have a tall girl!  She had her picture taken at the doctors office for her file today and got to wear a cute conductors hat.  Here is her picture before her shots.
And the after picture.  You can't really see the tears on her cheeks as we walked out of the doctors office.  She was so upset.  She took a long two hour nap once we got home. 
After Avery's appointment, it was time to do some shopping.  My mom, Eric's mom, and I headed out to get a bunch of food and supplies that we are going to need for Avery's birthday party tomorrow.  We went to Target for some groceries, drinks, and a few random things we needed.  We went to Party City to get some balloons.  We stopped at Panera for lunch.  We went to Costco for the party platters.  We spent a good amount of time out this afternoon.

When we got home, we all got busy doing things around the house.  Eric and his mom cleaned the house windows.  I put the birthday party favors together.  My parents entertained Avery.  I got all my laundry done.  We got the bathrooms cleaned.  We had a great dinner of hamburgers on the grill and baked beans.  My dad went out and got us frozen custard for dessert.  We are all finally sitting down and relaxing close to 10pm!

I'm looking forward to the party tomorrow, but I'll be happy when the stress of it is over.  It's all I've been worrying about the past couple of weeks.  Tomorrow morning, Eric is going to pick up ice and the cupcakes we ordered.  We have some cooking to do and a little more cleaning before the party starts at 11am.

Well, that was our busy day.  Check back tomorrow night for some birthday party pictures!

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