Tuesday, September 27, 2011

first day with my parents visiting

My parents arrived in Austin yesterday afternoon.  Today was our first full day together.  We put Avery in one of her new birthday girl tops and we headed out for lunch and a little shopping. 

My dad with his grand-daughter. 
Avery and grandma outside of Chickfila.  They had the cute firetruck there today so we had to get a picture. 
Avery enjoying her nuggets and fries for lunch. 
She had her first taste of chocolate milk today.  I think she liked it, but we are actually going to stop feeding her milk for right now and stick to formula.  We think the whole milk might be upsetting her stomach.  I increased her whole milk intake about a week ago, and that is when her diarrhea started.  We see her doctor on Friday, so we'll talk to her about what is best to do. 
Grandma and grandpa got Avery a few cute outfits at Carter's.  The weather here NEEDS to cool off!  Avery has so many cute fall outfits that I want to start dressing her in. 
They also bought me a new fall door hanging for my front door.  I was so happy to take down my summer door hanging and switch it out. 
We are relaxing at home this evening and hoping for a thunderstorm.  It is super dark out!  We might go and get some frozen custard as dessert.  Have a great night! 

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