Thursday, September 15, 2011

fall, high fives, and my truck (again)

I'm so excited and ready for fall.  I know in most other parts of the country, the temps are already cooler and the leaves are changing colors.  I miss that so much.  It is still hot here in Texas and it doesn't feel like fall at all.  Since the weather isn't cooperating with me, I've decided to try and bring some fall into the house!  I bought few fall scented candles at Target (this one is pumpkin spice and smells awesome!). 
I got a bunch of fall scented hand soaps at Bath and Body Works.  I love all of their fall and Halloween soaps. 
I have Avery's hoodies all ready to go in her room. 
I really want to go over to Hobby Lobby to buy some more fall house decor and some Halloween decorations.  This is my favorite time of the year (besides Christmas!) and I really want to make the house feel warm and cozy.

Yesterday I tried a new chili recipe from my Kraft Food and Family magazine.  It is pulled pork chili.  We got it started really early in the morning.  It had to cook on low for about 10 hours.  It turned out pretty well, but next time I want to add more heat to it.  I love spicy chili! 
I also decided to do some baking yesterday.  I made some peanut butter blossoms which are one of my favorites.  It felt like Christmas when I was baking because that is usually the only time of year I have these.  They are so good!
Avery has started to learn how to give a high five.  Here is an action shot of her playing with Eric. 
Looking cute and playing after her bath.  I love her cute new pajamas. 
My car hasn't been working since Monday afternoon.  My friend Angie's husband Doc came over last night after work.  They guys spent a good amount of time outside working on my truck.  Doc got the starter installed and showed Eric how to do it.  Then we found out I also needed a new battery. 
Eric is going to pick up a new battery this evening when he gets off work.  He will install it tonight.  Thanks for coming over and helping us last night Doc!  I sent him home with a container of pulled pork chili and some cookies as a thank you. 
Today Avery and I are at home again.  I'm going to be productive around the house with some cleaning and laundry (hopefully) and we are going to take a walk after lunch to get some fresh air.  Hope everyone is having a great day!

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