Saturday, October 1, 2011

Avery's Birthday Party (part 3)

Today we had Avery's birthday party at the house.  It started at 11am and ended around 2pm.  I know it is on the early side for a party, but I was trying to plan it between morning and afternoon nap time.  The food, decorations, and party turned out great!  It was so nice to have our parents here and our good friends over to celebrate Avery's first year.  The only thing that I would change about the day would be getting some better pictures of the party.  I wish I could have been more of the photographer, but it is hard when you are the host. 

This was her party bib for when she ate her cupcake.
The birthday banner that I made with the help of my friend Angie. 
The kitchen table with flowers, balloons, pom poms, and candy. 
The cupcake towers.  The tower on the left had carrot cake with butter cream frosting and the tower on the right had yellow cake with chocolate butter cream frosting.  The cupcakes tasted delicious! 
The drink counter.
Some of the food.  We also had two crock pots.  One pot had meatballs and the other pot had queso. 
The birthday girl!  She was napping when most of our friends arrived.  She woke up around 11:30am and was ready to party.  Grandma Charlene made her the zebra and cupcake birthday wrap dress and bloomers.  It was so cute!
Avery and I... and yes, I look a little drunk and no, I wasn't. :)
Our little family of three.
Avery testing out the chocolate butter cream frosting.  She was pretty dainty about her cupcake at first, but then got down and dirty. 
Just loving her cupcake!
After cupcakes, everyone gathered for the opening of presents.  Avery was over the party at this point and super cranky.  She wasn't interested in opening presents and was crying.  I didn't get any good pictures of the presents.  She received some really fun new toys and a couple pretty outfits.

Once the party was over and everyone went home, we all started dropping like flies!  Everyone was exhausted.  Eric and his mom crashed first.  Next was my mom.  Then Avery, me, and my dad.  We all woke up around 5pm and started on a little cleaning up.  We are all picking at party food for dinner and watching the Nebraska game.  Here we are all in our Huskers gear! 
We're just hanging around the rest of the night.  It was a fun and long day.  Tomorrow morning we'll be up bright and early for Avery's one year photo shoot.  Happy Saturday!


  1. No worries! I got your pictures :) It was a great party!

  2. Sounds like a great party! Husker game kinda sucked: (

  3. Looks like she had a great party! Happy belated birthday to miss Avery!