Monday, September 5, 2011

scary fires

We didn't have much going on today.  We went for a nice walk this morning.  It was pretty nice out with a breeze.  Avery and I ran out late morning to fill up my truck with gas and to make a return to Party City.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out around the house being lazy.

I wanted to try some of Avery's new fall/winter clothes on her to see how they fit.  She has been wearing size 18 month clothes since June.  Her new clothes are all 18 months.  I was happy to see that the stuff still has some room in it for her to grow.  I'm sure by Christmas she will need size 24 months!  Check out her cozy fleece hooded zip up!  It even has little bear ears on it.
Here is Avery this evening wearing one of her new footed pajamas.  It has ballerinas all over it.
When Avery was taking an afternoon nap I decided to make some brownies.  I needed some chocolate and these hit the spot.
There have been fires all around Austin the past couple of days.  It is really scary.  There aren't any fires super close to our house, but the fires are still too close for comfort.  There are five fires right now.  The huge fire is in Bastrop.  Over 25,000 acres have been burned and almost 500 homes destroyed.  The fire is 16 miles big. There is another fire out by Lake Travis in a nice neighborhood called Steiner Ranch where homes have been destroyed and damaged.  There have also been fires in Leander, Pedernales, and Pflugerville. Tons of people have been evacuated from their homes.  Here is the red sky you can see standing in front of our house.  You can smell the smoke too.

I actually got some bags of clothes, toiletries, dog supplies, and baby supplies packed up and ready to go in the master closet in case of an evacuation.  I also made sure that we had all our important documents and camera cards in the small safe that I could carry to my truck.  You just never know.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by these fires and to all of the amazing paramedics, police, and firefighters who have been working so hard at these fires.  Everyone in the Austin and surrounding areas stay safe!

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