Thursday, September 22, 2011

a big box, new spices, good food

Today started off great.  Avery slept in until 8am!  She never sleeps in that late.  It felt so nice not waking up when it was dark outside.  I slept so well last night.  Eric was home today and he made us some cinnamon waffles for breakfast.  They turned out great.  I love when we are all home and can have a leisurely morning of breakfast, coffee, and play time. 

Before we went to bed last night, I saw that we had a big box sitting outside our front door.  It is a big box from one of my favorite stores - Pottery Barn Kids!! 
Grandpa Rick and grandma Liz sent Avery her big special birthday gift a little early.  They got her a light pink any where chair with her name on it!  It is super cute.  Avery needs to learn to get in and out of it without face planting.  She already hurt herself with it!  I'll post some pictures of her sitting in her chair tomorrow.  I couldn't get a good shot today of miss cranky pants. 

This afternoon we took a ride downtown to Savory Spice shop.  They are the best spice shop!  We stocked up on lots of spices we ran out of recently.  DAD - we got you some garlic powder for your pizza!!!!  :)
After the spice shop, we came home because Eric had a doctor appointment to get to.  Avery and I stayed home.  I tried to get Avery down for a nap this afternoon, but she wasn't interested.  She has been really cranky all day today and looked pretty flushed.  I finally took her temperature this evening and it was 100.2.  It is horrible, but I'm still watching it.  She was in bed at 5:30pm tonight. 

I got some crock pot chicken taco chili going this morning.  We had it for dinner and it came out great!  We topped it with some shredded cheese and crunched up tortilla chips. 
Eric made some apple crisp for dessert.  We had this with some vanilla custard.  Delicious!  We ate really well tonight. 
We are just relaxing for awhile this evening and heading to bed early.  I have a feeling I might be woken up in the middle of the night by Avery.  Or she will be up really early in the morning since she went to bed so early tonight.  Hope everyone had a great day! 

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