Wednesday, September 21, 2011

gymboree class and ravioli dinner

Today we took Avery to her first class at Gymboree Play and Music.  Her class started at 12:15pm and ran until 1pm.  It was mostly free play with kids between the ages of 10 and 16 months.  A teacher did come out to sing songs and play some games, but Avery wasn't interested.  She just wanted to keep exploring.  She had an absolute ball!  She had such a big smile on her face the entire time, was laughing, loved having us there to play with her, checked out other kids, and crawled around like a mad woman.  Unfortunately, it costs $72 a month to have a membership to play there.  This will be Avery's first and last time going to Gymboree.  Here are some pictures we took while she played! 

Avery was worn out after playing so hard.  We got home and she took a really long nap.  I made a new recipe tonight called Ravioli Bake.  It is super simple.  It is out of my Kraft Food and Family magazine (as always, I LOVE that magazine!).  All of my ingredients are ready to go. 
Here is the finished product!  It was pretty good and we'll make it again.  Next time we are going to use two different kinds of ravioli and possibly add some ground turkey to the sauce mix. Recipe to follow. 
Eric gave Avery her bath tonight while I cleaned up the kitchen.  He got some really cute shots of her playing in the tub.  Her hair is starting to get longer and she definitely has some curls! 

Wild woman coming at you!

We are relaxing the rest of the evening.  I'm going to try and talk Eric into getting some frozen custard.  :) 

Hope you had a great Wednesday! 

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