Sunday, September 4, 2011

just a Sunday

Today has been a pretty quiet Sunday and we have done the usual.  Avery and I took a walk this morning while it was still nice outside.  Once she woke up from her morning nap we met my friend Emily and her daughter Sophia at Party City.  I shopped around for some birthday party supplies for Avery's party and then we went over to Target.  We had a quick snack and did our shopping quickly.  Sophia wasn't feeling well and was tired and needed to get home, and Avery was just being that loud kid in the store.  We got home and did some playing before Avery's afternoon nap.  We'll have dinner and bath once she wakes up.  I'm planning on trying to knock out some cleaning and laundry once Avery goes to bed tonight.  I don't have any recorded shows to catch up on so I have no excuse not to be productive!

Sorry no pictures today!

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