Thursday, September 29, 2011

Avery's Birthday (part 2)

After we took Avery's birthday 12 month sticker picture, I got working in the kitchen.  No birthday is complete without some Funfetti cupcakes!!!  They are my favorite so I wanted to make them for Avery. 
I even got her the pink vanilla frosting!
Yum... my pretty cupcakes. 
After Avery took a short nap, we decided to open presents.  Today we did presents from my parents, Eric's mom, Uncle Brian, Uncle Tom, and great grandma Verna. 
She was very curious about the big bag and tissue paper.  She was standing up on her own here.  She is starting to do that more often.
Taking a look at what is under all that tissue paper. 
A pretty pea pod baby!  These are so cute. 
Looking at her Winnie the Pooh, baby doll, and light up ladybug. 
Checking out her picnic basket set. 
Baby dolls. 
Two of her bigger presents.  She got a stroller for her baby dolls and a fun learning walker. 
Tea Set. 
Ready to get her eat on at Red's Porch.  She loves the queso and rice and beans there. 
Avery and I at lunch.
Eric and Avery at lunch.
The entire group after lunch, all nice and full.  My mom Janice, my dad Tom, Eric, Eric's mom Charlene, me, and Avery.  Lunch was delicious.  We always love eating at Red's Porch.  I had fried chicken tacos!  Talk about an awesome combination! 
This evening we sang Happy Birthday to Avery and gave her a cupcake. 
She wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first.  I seriously thought she was going to chuck it against my wall!
She grabbed the entire cupcake and took a huge bite! 
Making silly faces and enjoying her cupcake. 
Lots of pink icing on the hands!
I think she liked it!
We've had thunder and lightening all afternoon.  It has been great.  We haven't really had much rain, but just the overcast dark sky has been great!  You crave the dreary days when you never get them and it is still so hot at the end of September. 

Avery had a wonderful birthday.  We are looking forward to her birthday party on Saturday to celebrate with our friends.  Have a good night!

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