Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yesterday was a girls day with just Erin, Avery, and I.  We got up early and had coffee and breakfast, did some playing, and Avery napped while the big girls got showered and ready for the day.  We decided to go out to lunch and to a few stores.  We stopped over at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby for a couple things for Avery.  We decided to get one of those padded bumpers to go around our coffee table.  We are thinking of getting one to go around our low sitting entertainment unit that our TV sits on.  I also picked her up another pack of pacifiers (you can never have too many!) and a new Dr. Browns sippy cup to help making drinking on her own a little easier.  She somewhat understands what to do with the cup, but most of the time she just plays with it.  We are having a tough time getting her to drink liquids other than her formula/milk bottles before naps and bed time.  After we went to the baby stores, we stopped at Chickfila for lunch.  It was delicious as always!  We then headed over to South Park Meadows to go in Target and a few other stores.  We only made it to ULTA and Target because Avery was getting really cranky for an afternoon nap.

Once we got home, we unloaded all our bags while Avery played for awhile.  She ended up taking a really long afternoon nap.  Erin and I just relaxed with our phones and laptops.  It was nice to just lay around and talk.  Erin taught me how to use this website called My Fitness Pal.  It is a free site (with an iPhone app) that tracks your food calories each day and any activity during the day.  I want to lose some baby weight so this is going to help me count my calories, make healthier food choices, encourage me to eat smaller portions, and keep me on track with my daily walks.

When Avery woke up from her nap around 4:30pm we gave her some dinner and got her a bath.  While Avert played, we made some tuna sandwiches and some cut up strawberries for dinner.  Eric got off work at 6pm and was home around 6:30pm.  Pretty much as soon as he walked in the door Erin and I headed out the door to go to Barton Creek mall!  We walked around the mall browsing for a couple hours and got a snack.  We got home around 10pm and crashed shortly after.

We all had a good day.  Sorry for a post with no pictures!

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