Saturday, September 17, 2011

lots of errands, rain, and a little play date

Avery and I ran a bunch of errands after her morning nap and lunch.  We went to Advance Auto and Walmart to return the used starter and battery for my truck.  I got a total of $30 back!  Then we made a small return at Bath and Body Works which was another $17 back!  Our last stop was Target to get some groceries, toiletries, and some other random things.  We got home a little after 1pm.  When we left Target it was really humid out and we saw lots of dark clouds.  I was so excited to see a sky that looked like it was going to storm.  We had lots of dark clouds the rest of the afternoon.  While Avery took a long afternoon nap we ended up getting some rain!  It was so nice!  I really hope we get some more rain over the next couple of days!  Lord knows we need it!! 

Around 3pm my friend Emily and her daughter Sophia stopped over for a little while.  We talked and let the girls play.  They are so funny together.  They both blow raspberries at one another and just smile and talk.  Sophia is already standing up on her own at 9 months!  Here are a bunch of pictures from our late afternoon play date. 

Our friends stayed until around 5pm.  Avery had her dinner and got her bath.  She drank an entire sippy of water while playing before bed.  Avery was in bed a little after 6pm.  She was tired after a busy day of errands and playing! 

I'm not being as productive as I would like tonight.  I've done the dishes, got all of the trash together and outside, and all of the laundry done.  Still haven't tackled the bathrooms yet.  I hate that chore.  Maybe tomorrow.  Have a good night!


  1. We had a great time! Sophia was out at 6:30. The playing must have worn her out!

  2. Cute pictures! Glad that you two were able to get together. We need to plan a girls night or day or whatever.