Tuesday, August 30, 2011

spaghetti dinner

This morning when Eric got home from work, Avery had some breakfast and we headed outside for a morning walk.  It was hot as always.  We stopped at the park so Avery could get on the swing for a little while.  She loves getting on the swing!

Later in the morning, I got a spurt of energy.  I decided to make a pot of my rice, beans, and veggies to have as left overs the next couple of days.  I also prepared my home made meat sauce in the crock pot so we could have spaghetti and meat sauce tonight for dinner.  Some fresh Italian herb bread was baking in the bread maker too!  Our house smelled pretty good!  Avery had fun checking things out in the pantry.  Too bad there is nothing exciting.  She is like her mom, always wanting to see what is in the pantry or fridge.  I know I go and open those doors during the day wishing a platter of vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting would appear.
Today was a lazy day around the house.  Avery took two naps, and while she napped I relaxed and did a few things around the house.  Her afternoon nap started rather late and she slept until 4:15pm.  I'm not going to have my normal evening to myself tonight.  Eric napped this afternoon since he is working tonight.  I was excited when the mail came because I received my box of invites I made on Shutterfly for Avery's birthday party.  I need to work on getting those out in the mail by the end of this week.

Avery got down and dirty with her spaghetti dinner tonight.  She loved it.  I'll have to fix spaghetti more often. She was a complete mess and went straight into the bath tub when she was finished eating.
Tonight I need to do a load of laundry and clean up the kitchen from dinner.  After that, I'm going to catch up on some Bachelor Pad action.  I have two episodes recorded!  Have a great night!

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