Friday, August 12, 2011

shopping and chickfila twice

Avery and I met my friend Emily this afternoon for some lunch and a little shopping at Barton mall.  Emily's daughter Sophia started day care this week so she could get used to it, so Avery was the only little one hanging out with us today.  She was in such a great mood the entire time we hung out.  We stopped to get some lunch in the food court at Chickfila.  Avery helped me eat my meal.  She LOVES chicken tenders!  I cut up pieces for her and gave her a few fries.  She was full of smiles and had a great time eating and checking everyone out.  Here she is just happy as can be shopping at Ann Taylor LOFT. 
When we left the mall, we stopped at ANOTHER Chickfila because we needed more to drink.  I couldn't believe that the location off south Mopac now has two drive through lanes!  It was like going through the bank.  I had to take a picture of it.  This location is always really busy so it needed the upgrade. 
Avery is taking a pretty late nap, so I have a feeling she'll be going to bed late tonight.  We had a good day. 

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