Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy 11 Months Avery!

I can not believe my sweet angel is already 11 months old today.  This year has seriously flown by!  Next month we'll be celebrating her first year and I can't wait to have her little party.  She was all smiles for her little photo shoot this afternoon.
Here are some 11 month stats:  sleeping through the night like a champ, takes two naps a day (morning and afternoon), crawling all over the place, can pull herself up to standing while holding onto something, claps her hands, loves laughing with you, crawls over to you to be close and hug, loves her pacifier, learning to drink from a sippy cup, loves playing with her music table and toys, loves looking at her books, tries to get into the crate with Rolo, loves being around Rolo, has fun taking trips with me to visit friends, go shopping, and out to eat, finally is not afraid of the grass (thanks Eric!), drinks three formula bottles a day, eats three full meals a day, loves Chickfila chicken nuggets and fries, wears a size 4 diaper, wears size 18 months in clothes, wears a size 2-3 in shoes, can say mama and dada, loves going for walks in her stroller, loves swinging at the park.
Mommy and daddy just adore you Avery Blake!  You make us smile and laugh everyday.  We love you so much baby girl!


  1. She's beautiful!!! HAPPY 11 months AVERY!!!!

  2. wooohoooOO!!!!! A girl left me a comment on my comments blog post and told me how to leave comments again. YEAH!!!!

  3. YAY!!! Glad you can comment again :)