Monday, August 22, 2011

outlets (again), BBQ, cupcakes

This morning after pancakes and bacon for breakfast, mom and I drove back down to the San Marcos outlets.  We needed to do a few exchanges at a couple stores.  While driving down to the outlets, my mom got a call from her coworker Denise.  Denise told her that the 11 people at her work who went in on the lottery had just won!  They won a total of $10,000 and the 11 people (including my mom) get to split it.  Perfect timing to find out she just won some cash as we headed back down to the outlets!

When we got home, I saw that Eric cleaned the entire kitchen top to bottom.  It was a really nice surprise.  Avery went down for her afternoon nap shortly after we got home, so we all relaxed while she slept.  Once she woke up, we got ready and headed out to an early dinner at Uncle Billy's Brew-B-Que.  We originally wanted to go to the location out at Lake Travis, but decided to just go to the location closer to the house.  Here are Avery and I before leaving for dinner.  She loves playing with her hair brush.
Everyone when we got seated at our table.  We all were starving!
Eric and Avery.
Our happy little family.  I really love this picture.
With my amazing parents.  I love having them here.  We've been having so much fun.
Avery waiting on the chips and queso!  She was so good while we had dinner.  My grandma got her this new outfit and it is adorable on her.
Our appetizers of chips and queso and fried pickles.  So good!
When we got home from dinner, it was time for Avery to get her bath and get ready for bed.  Eric gave her a little mohawk when he got her out of the tub.  She wasn't super happy in this picture.  She wanted to get on the floor and crawl around.
Today was a great day.  We ended it on a sweet note with some delicious cupcakes from Hey Cupcake!
Good night!

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